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25 January 2011 @ 11:04 am
Computers can do a lot of things I can't.. 

But I can read a sentence with two periods without encountering a runtime error. 
07 January 2011 @ 08:28 pm
This morning, when I started my computer, I found that it was in very bad shape: I could barely do anything with the computer (like check my emails) before the computer decided that its best course of action was to shut itself down. I tried to do a virus scan or something like that, then I realized I hadn't updated my anti virus software since September 2008. Oops. 

Anyways, with all that kerfuffle, I was nearly late for my lab. I ran out the door and had to take the bus to campus in order to get there on time. (I generally prefer to walk). I was annoyed because I figured I'd have to spend the rest of the day trekking to Future Shop to buy a hard drive, so I could back up my most important files and reformat my computer... bye bye spare time this weekend. 

On campus, I ran into a friend who offered to drive me to Future Shop. We went, and upon coming home, I found my computer in much better shape than I'd left it. I managed to download a new version of the anti-virus software (provided free by the university), do a scan, and somehow, my computer has decided it doesn't want to keep shutting off at inopportune times. 

I then made some delicious soup with my roommate, and got all of the squares of a blanket I've been working on for the past two months together. 

1. My apartment building is too close to Laurier. I get in the elevator to go to campus, and there are already three guys in the elevator. One is talking to the other two:
"Yeah, I told Megan I don't want to end up with anyone from home. Like, I want to go to things, bring back random chicks after, and nail 'em, you know? And she was like 'alright,'"
The other two nodded, or said something along the lines of 'nice.'

I live on the 12th floor of the apartment building, but I wish I'd taken the stairs. 

2. At the University of Waterloo, approximately 10-12% of Computer Science majors are female.  This is disappointing to my female Computer Science professor. 

3. On your typical Saturday night (i.e. this coming Saturday night,) my teenage cousin has more plans than I do. 


4. The most unsettling thing I've learned today: my roommate's boyfriend's new apartment in downtown Toronto apparently has bedbugs. aw shit. 

A friend of mine came by to pick me up. My roommate  was making sushi. Instead of filling the rolls of seaweed and rice with fish and veggies, he was filling them with things like oreo cookie crumbs. The friend and I go out for about 4.5 hours. While we're gone, he makes a comment about how my roommate is always doing something eclectic when he comes by. 

We come back to my apartment later to find my roommate baking cookies. He is just finishing up after baking what appears to be approximately 200 cookies, which are all sitting around our kitchen. He is in his underwear. 


We had gone to a concert. Another friend of mine had asked us to go, because it was at a venue in a small town about 30 minutes outside of the city that she wanted to see. She ended up texting me to say that she was kind of tired, and didn't want to go. I call her to ask her if she's sure, and she replies that she can't come because she's been in chapters for the past hour looking for a Christmas present for her dad. We go to the concert without her, and it's fantastic. 

I text her after we get back to see if she wants to come over and hang out with me and a third friend. She says that she's going to a concert downtown, so she won't be able to come by my apartment. I am tired, and not interested in going to this concert, but the third friend would like to accompany her. The two of them make plans to go. After the plans are made, she texts our third friend back and informs him that none of the other people she was going to go with really want to go, so she's just going to go over to the other people's house instead of going to the concert. 

So she did, in fact, flake on plans to go to concerts twice in the same day. 


The third friend describes his family's typical Christmas: 

"Yeah, we usually have Christmas dinner with the extended family on Christmas Eve. But, this year, I'm not really sure who's in jail... I don't think my sister is..."
26 November 2010 @ 07:38 am
So, last night I went on facebook, and a girl I went to high school with had updated her status asking about the music video that had been filmed at our high school.  I watched the video (rather, I watched the video again, because someone had posted a link to it as one of the comments on her status update). I realized that, after watching a video that was filmed in the place where I spent nearly as much time of a four year period of my life as my house, I had so many comments to make about each scene, each location shown in the video. 

But I'll stop at one: 

I bet the producers of the video took one look at our school and said,

"This school looks SO crappy, it'd be the perfect place to film a video about feeling melancholy!"
17 November 2010 @ 07:58 am
Living in Hull, right next to the border, has made me realize how much I don't want to live in a big city permanently. 

In my mind, Ottawa is a city filled with the things that bother me about Toronto (traffic, crowds, frustrating public transit, sprawl, unfriendly people) but none of the benefits (you can literally buy ANYTHING in downtown Toronto, things are always open). 

Ottawa does get bonus points for being on a river, though. Walking across bridges is never a bad thing.  
14 October 2010 @ 05:44 pm
So Rocco Rossi, one of the more sane seeming candidates in the Toronto mayoral race dropped out today.

It's pretty much come down to either Rob Ford, the guy who is really good at getting small things done fast, but bad at making friends or George Smitherman, the guy who let the ehealth scandal happen. After looking at some of the fringe candidates' websites, though, the idea of Smitherman or Ford in charge is certainly something I feel more comfortable with. I'd much rather have either of them in charge than, say, 

The guy who wants to see himself as the Patch Adams, Susan Boyle, NEO or Coach Carter of Global Politics
The guy who actually refers to Smitherman as Shitherman on his website/
The guy whose campaign seems to be based on bible verses
The guy whose main part of his platform appears to be turning Toronto into an independent province

They make the crazies (and Kevin Clarke, the homeless guy who always runs), seem much less crazy by comparison. 

My brother turns 18 the day AFTER the Mayoral election. I personally think he should consider himself lucky. 
13 October 2010 @ 10:23 pm

My roommate is a separatist

My last trip to Toronto was ACTUALLY quite enjoyable, none of the normal things that get me down about Toronto got me down

I bought a sweet dress

I bought my first "independent" board game (Ninja Burger)

I spread the gospel of The Balconies to one more friend

26 September 2010 @ 08:18 pm
"A recent analysis of psychology departments at Canadian universities finds Waterloo's ranked number one in the country in terms of citations (the frequency with which faculty members' writings are footnoted in subsequent research)."
25 September 2010 @ 01:40 am
 Tonight I was sitting on my back staircase, hanging out with some friends and my roommate. My downstairs neighbour, Sylvain came by. He was born in Hull, so he speaks french and english, but when he speaks french, he often throws a lot of english words in it... he uses lots of slang. 

Sylvain: ...so I lost my keys, and I went next door looking for them and stuff, and I got in a panic and it was bad...
Lisa: Oh man, if you don't have anywhere to sleep, you can sleep on our couch.
Sam (My roommate): Hey, woah, that's a lot to offer...
Lisa: (stage whisper) It's ok... we don't have a couch!